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Welcome on board

S/Y Jennier is a 50 foot (15m x 4.75m x 1.80m) Beneteau Oceanis 500 built in 1988 in France on order from owner/skipper Lars Hässler. She has four guestcabins, all with en-suit toiletts/showers. Furthermore, there is a crewcabin. Jennifer can thus take 8-9 overnight guests. She is equipped with Perkins 80 hp engine, divecompressor and 4 divesets, B&G instruments, Broadband radar, Inmarsat Satelite Communication set, Echopilot forward looking depthsounder, 7 Kw 220 V generator, AIS (Automatic Idenfication System), EPIRB, SSB, 3 VHF, 8 GPS, gennaker, dinghe wity outborder, electronic & paper charts over the whole world, Biminitop and suntarp covering the whole boat.



      Sailing Skipper at work 

Modern sailors laptops Gennaker

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Sailing as participating rew

What does it mean to sail as guest crew on the Jennifer?

As guest crew you are quite simple part of the crew. What does it mean? Well, you participate in the daily duties together with the other crewmembers onboard?  You are expected to, among other things:

*               Participate when we leave and come to port or a mooring

*               Steer the boat with the help of the compass according to the skippers directions

*               Help out to set, reef and/or take down the sails

*               Prepare food for the crew one to two days a week

You normally don'’t need any previous experience of sailing, but it is an advantage if you are active, interested and want to learn more. Being used to travelling and being independent will make the sail even nicer.
Onboard the Jennifer we are all dependent on each other in order to get a good time together. 

A day on the Jennifer can look like this:

08.00 He or she on "galley duty" prepares breakfast while the others might take a morning dip from Jennifer’s swimming platform in the stern. Onboard Jennifer it is mostly nice weather and we normally eat at the large table in the cockpit.
09.00 Everyone helps out cleaning the table and the "galley duty" cleans the plates. When this is done it is time to meet the new day.

09.30 – Day ashore:
When we go ashore during the day we normally do not eat onboard. Sometimes we have dinner onboard the Jennifer, sometimes we eat ashore. Included in the price is all meals (besides those we take ashore) harbour fees, fuel, towels and sheets.  Please note that wine, alcohol, beer and soft drinks are not included in the price but you are welcome to bring your own onboard.

During days ashore we normally do things together but people are perfectly free to go on their own. When we are ashore we normally also do the provisioning. On the Jennifer there are plenty of books and magazines to read and browse.

09.30 - Sailingdays:
We sail or motor depending on the wind. Everyone in the crew will be divided in watches with 2-3 persons in each watch. Each watch is responsible for the sailing during one watchperiod of three hours under the skipper's directions. Meanwhile the rest of the crew have time off, which means you can read, sleep, listen to your IPod, chat with the others or bag rays/get tanned on Jennifer’s large deck cushions or in the cockpit.

We sail rather conservative and secure, which means we reef early (decrease sailarea) so we will get a convenient sail. If we have the wind from behind (a run or a reach) we might hoist the gennaker and enjoy an exiting sail. During the sail the "galley duty" makes lunch, perhaps a simple sallad. We might also anchor for lunch in a beautiful bay for lunch and a swim and/or take a snorkelingtour.

17.00 If we shall make a nightsail we just go on, otherwise we anchor or go to a marina in the late afternoon.

18.30 Now some might feel it is time for an afternoon drink before dinner while the "galley duty" prepares dinner. Dinner is mostly served in the cockpit and we normally sit and talk into the night. pratar.

22.00 The skipper might be falling asleep by now, but the crew might go on.

Equipment list:

This is good to bring when you sail on the Jennifer, besides you personal belongings of course.

*               Seasickness pills: There can be rough weather sometimes

*               Sunprotection: The sun is strong at sea and the water reflects the sunrays.

*               Long sleeved skirt and trousers: These are the best sunprotection.

*               Books: There is plenty of time to read.

*               Sunglasses: Protect your eyes!

*               Hat: Protect you head!

*               Gloves: Protect you hands when we set sail or winch!.

*               Waterbottle: Good to have when onshore.

You do not need to bring:

*               Sheets and towels.

*               Rainjacket and trouser. There is equipment for the whole crew in various sizes.

*               There are no boots, but you do not need them in the tropics.

*               Snorkel equipment. The boat has plenty of fins, masks and snorkels, but I you have you own, bring them!.

Welcome onboard!

















S/Y Jennifers guestbook written by former Jennifer crewmembers.

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Jennifer as a stamp

 Jennifer is on a $ 1 Niue stamp. Niue is a small island state in the Pacific with only about 2 000 inhabitants.

During the 1990' Niue made a small serie of stamps showing yachts which had visited Niue. Jennifer was one of them.

The serie is now finished and the plates distroyed.