S/Y Jennifer will cruise The Med summer/fall 2018. 

Position May 2018: Jennifer is in the water again in Marina Baie des Anges, close to Nice in France, until May 26 when we will start cruising The Med, see more under Sailings. 

We will cruise the Med summer/fall 2018.

May: Cote Azur, Corsica.

June: Corsica, Sardinia, Ponza, Capri, Amalfi, Lipari and Sicily.

July: Greece/Ionian Sea, Albania, Macedonia and Croatia.

Aug: Croatis, Trieste, Venice, Rimini, San Marino, Croatia again and Greece/Corfu.

Sept: Italy/Calabria, Sicily/Syracusa, Malta, Tunisia, Balares and Spain/South-east coast.

Oct: Gibraltar, Tarifa, Cadiz, Villamora and Lagos.

Total length 3 900 Nautical Miles

More info under Sailing.

MAIL ME IF YOU WISH TO JOIN : lars@yacht-jennifer.nu

The book Occupation Circumnavigator is available on Amazon. All other books, besides the pilot book Arholma-Landsort, are in Swedish for the time being.

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