Skipper Lars Hässler

Lars was born in Stockholm in 1946  Besides sailing he is interested in skiing,
marathonrunning (2:59:45), mountineering (Matterhorn, Eiger), diving (PADI divemaster) and aerobics.

Lars got a degree in law at University of Stockholm in 1972, a Masters Degree of Comparative Law at University of Illinois in 1973 and studied one year at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva 1973/74.

After a clerkship for a judge in Stockholm 1975-1977, Lars backpacked on land and on yachts round the world for three years 1979-81.


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One of those years was spent in the South Seas on the 3-masted schooner Sofia, perhaps the last hippieship. Sofia was a co-operative with 18 young men and women. The vessel sunk in a storm in the Pacific in 1982.


During the 1980's Lars worked as a trader in the rawmaterials market and was stationed first in Stockholm and later in Switzerland. In 1988 he left his job, sold everything he owned and ordered a new sailingyacht, a 50' Beneteau, directly from France, and radically changed lifestyle.

During the following ten years Lars sailed in the Caribbean during four years, 1989-92.

Thereafter he sailed round-the-world with participating crew during five years, 1992-97, and finished with another year in the Caribbean 1998.

During the ten years 700 people were guest crew onboard Jennifer. 


In the summer of 1998 Lars returned to Stockholm still alive and with 1,000 memories. He started to drive taxi during nights and wrote his first book which was followed by many more. Since 1998 he has been sailing in Sweden and the Med with guest crew. In 2010 Lars is planing a long trip again, from the Med, to India, Thailand, China, Japan, Alaska, Canada, California, Hawaii and then the South Seas during many years.

Lars is living in Stockholm. He has written four books (two translated into English, see links Books on main page):

1. Occupation: Circumnavigator. Sailing Around the World, 2009 (and 2007 out of print)
2. Arholma-Landsort. Your guide to the islands, guest- and natural harbours of Stockholm archipelago (2001/2004/2007) with an English version 2007.
3. Medelhavet tur och retur (2004 & 2007) only in Swedish.
4. Seglingar i Medelhavet, Röda havet och Svarta Havet (2008) only in Swedish.
5. Med båt på Europas kanaler (2010) in Swedish only.
6. Mot Söderhavet (2010) in Swedish only 

7. Mot Alaska (2012)

8. Över tre oceaner (2014)

Occupation Circumnavigation Adlar Coles Nya yrke Arholma-Landsort 2010 nya medelhav Kanalbok Mot Soderhavet Seglingar    

Lars , besides writing books and articles, gives lectures for corporations and non-profit organisations, organizes sailingseminars during Stockholm Boat Show, consults as rallyleader for chartercompanies in tropical waters during winters.

During summers Lars sails with participating crew with his Jennifer in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Red Sea. In the summer of 2007 he took Jennifer through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea and the Sinai peninsula and back to Greece. His book about the Black Sea and Red Sea was published 2008. During summer of 2008 Lars took his Jennifer to North Africa; Libya and Tunisia and during summer 2009 down the River Danube o the Black Sea. A book about the European Canals & Rivers was published 2010.

In 2007 and 2009 the books Occupation: Circumnavigator and Arholma-Landsort were published in English.

Summer of 2010 he started on another circumnavigation and is planning to be back in Stockholm in September 2013. See under sailings. Welcome onboard, check out: