S/Y Jennifers guestbook written by former Jennifer crewmembers.


2011. Vancouver-San Diego, september-oktober.
Mina oförglömliga veckor ombord är på väg mot sitt slut. Jag har fått många nya erfarenheter, lärt mig mycket om segling, tilläggningar, motorer och sjömanskap i allmänhet och gjort min första långa havspassage – en hel vecka i Stilla Havet mellan Seattle och San Francisco och sett delfiner, sjölejon och valar. Det har varit som tio resor i en. Tack för en fantastiskt fin resa, jag har fått mycket inspiration för framtiden. Lycka till och hoppas vi ses snart igen.
Jytte Pernby, Stockholm jyper001@gmail.com

2011. Vancouver-San Francisco.
I take away memories and experiences which I will cherish. Lars, you are a patient skipper, very knowledgeable. Wish you the best of luck with all the rest of your travels and all the challenges on you boat. Hope to join you again in the near future. Jonathan Lazar, USA iamjonathan620@gmail.com

2011. Prince Rupert, Canada-Seattle, USA, Sept.
Dearest Lasse, 1 000 tack for everything and for such a GREAT journey. You have made one of my dreams come true to sail in the waters of North America’s West Coast. To sail along the British Columbian coast with all the beautiful scenery, wild life and animals and the great crew and your wonderful home. It’s really the very best 50th birthday gift and memory I could get!!! And I don’t want to go home.
Puss & kram, Cia, Stockholm cecilia.ekstedt@gmail.com

2011. Seattle-Port Townsend-Sausalito (San Francisco) Sept-Oct.
It was wonderful how the miracle of Internet allowed us to find out about Jennifer and the great sailing adventure service that you offer. We really enjoyed the opportunity for a blue water adventure with such en experienced skipper. Especially we appreciate all the super knowledgeable advice that you gave us about the canals/rivers in Europe. Thank you for sharing your boat with us and for teaching us many useful things. We enjoyed so many things, my favorite was hundreds of dolphins swimming along Jennifer for an hour. We would like to join you again in the future and will recommend you to our friends.
Mark Olsoe & Diane Johnson, Seattle markolsoe@comcast.net   julycreek@comcast.net  

2011. Vancouver-San Francisco, Sept-Oct.
30 years ago since I last voyaged deep sees in the company of Lars, aboard the tall ship Sofia. So different this time. Luxuries accommodations, food (far too tasty), hot showers, unforgettable cruise amongst thousands of dolphins, the drone of the engine, making us safe. The Jennifer is a sound vessel and the captain reliable and trust-worthy which is the highest praise one can bestow in my view. Thank you Lars for this unforgettable reunion aboard Jennifer.
Kathy Curran, Berkeley, USA & – Sofia 1979-80. kathleen.curran@sbcglobal.net

2011. Japan-Alaska-Vancouver, June-September.
”The journey of my life”. Lots of thanks for bringing me all the way from Japan over the Pacific to the Aleuts, through Alaska and British Columbia to Vancouver. All these amazing scenery and wildlife. All gourmet dinners and people we have met and been invited to. This journey will forever stay in my heart and it feels sad to leave this life onboard that I love so much.
Love, Anki Dahlgren, Sweden

2011. Petersburg, Alaska-Vancouver, August-September.
Almost a month of fantastic scenery, animals and quite long passages. Maybe a bit too much rain, but no mosquitos, so that evens out. Once again, thanks’ Lars for the opportunity.
Kryssa lugnt! Jan Edman, Stockholm janoline@bredband.net

2011. Alaska, juli.
Hur hamnade jag här? Hur fann jag dig Lars? Flög till Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Vi kom med solen till Kodiak, fantastiskt. Solnedgång, nattsegling, arbete – båten ren som en barnstjärt! Tack till den övriga besättningen – och kapten Lars.
Tack Eva-Lisa, Sweden lodinroder@hotmail.com

2011. Alaska, juli.
Återigen har Lasse och hans båt gett mig dagar som fyller min själ och stillar min hunger efter äventyr. Dagar med valar som ”sprutat”, delfiner som lekt vid vår bog. Vi har kryssat mellan isberg och till och med bestigit ett på väg till en av dessa enorma glaciärer som var så nära att vi nästan kunde lägga handen på dess vägg. Tack Lasse för dessa dagar, hoppas jag kan återvända till Jennifer någon gång innan du når kajen i Stockholm 2013.
Gert, Sweden swedishgear@gmail.com

2010. Alaska, August.
Thank you Lars for 10 days of spectacular Alaskan scenery and you safe skippering. And thank you Anki for taking such good care of us when we suffered from motion sickness during our first day or so.
Julie & Max, Australia conleymax@ymail.com

2011. Japan via North Pacific Ocean to Alaska, June.
Lars, I had a very nice introduction to sailing on the passage across the Pacific. Visiting some of the remote islands of the Aleuts has been an unforgettable experience. Good luck on the rest of your journey.
Niels, Holland niels_oostveen@hotmail.com

2011. Japan via North Pacific Ocean to Alaska June.
I hope that you enjoyed teaching me what you did. I know, for my part, I loved learning it. I came away a changed man and loved this experience so much that it is hard to express in words what I want to convey, but know that I came away fulfilled. This was a wonderful trip, thanks.
Theodore, USA thniekras@gmail.com

2011. Japan via North Pacific Ocean to Alaska June.
42 days of living in a wobbly wardrobe with a Viking giant (2 meter tall) could not have been more enjoyable or unique experience. Given our crew’s collective lack of experience, Lars has been extremely patient. I think the only time I heard him swear was when Niels let go the halyard in rough seas of the north cape of Amchitka. Climbing the mast is the scariest thing I have ever done, even in comparatively calm waters. And Anki’ s re-invention of English gave me a renewed view of my own native language.
Mark “Sparky” Baldwin, England sparkymarkyb@gmail.com

2011. Japan via North Pacific Ocean to Alaska June.
Thank you Lasse and S/Y Jennifer for making my sailing dream come true. Without you and your fantastic boat, sailing Japan-Alaska, this “wild” route over the Pacific and Bering’s Sea still should have been a dream in my mind. I will forever remember the good spirit onboard, even under the hardest conditions. Someone who hasn’t sailed in 5 C waters with ice cold winds, 6 meter waves and 40 knots of wind, should try it. It really learns what stuff you are made of. Thanks again and hope to meet you all in future sailing adventures.
Per-Olof, Sweden per-olof.herou@hedemora.se

2011. Japan, May.
Dear Lars, thank you for sharing your wonderful yacht and home with us for the sail along the west coast of Japan. Thank you for your excellent leadership, your coolness and you friendship. We had a great time and hope we will sail together again.
Michael & Christina, California, USA michael.lennon@sbcglobal.net

2011. Xiamen, China – Nagasaki, Japan, April.
Thank you for a wonderful passage Xiamen-Nagasaki. We experienced everything from 5-45 knots wind, fouled propeller, refused entry (Taiwan) and many amazing starry night watches. The memory of this trip will last a lifetime.
Timo Pulkkinen, Finland margesagar@msn.com

2011. Xiamen, China – Nagasaki, Japan, April.
Many a nights on night watches I thought to myself: ”What am I doing here on a boat like this at sea 8 days in a row”? This was my first long sailing experience - and I am so grateful to Lars for having accepted me onboard as a crew member. This has been an unforgettable experience in many aspects. Thank you Lars for your company and capable hands.
Johan Vandromme, Holland johan_vandromme@hotmail.com

2011. Xiamen, China – Nagasaki, Japan, April.
Det var ett sant nöje att träffa Lars Hässler och S/Y Jennifer. Hon är ett under av superlyx, allting finns ombord, allt är minutiöst ordnat för en trevlig seglats och boende. Jag återkommer gärna.
Anders Pethrus, Stockholm anders@pethrus.se

2011. Philippines-Taiwan-Xiamen, China March-April.
From Russia with Love! Masha and Igor, Moscow gavrilov221@yandex.ru

2011. Philippines-Xiamen, China, April.
Altogether one of the greatest and most terrifying experiences of my life – definitely a memorable experience. Thanks Lars – it was very assuring to know we were in such capable hands. We hope very much to meet up with you again in the future.
Truy, USA & James, England, jamespeterhorsfall@hotmail.com

2011. Phuket – Kuching, Borneo Jan-Feb.
Many thanks for a truly wonderful experience aboard Jennifer. A great boat and a great Master. Many wonderful memories and I trust we will meet again soon.
David Bradley, Australia, dbradzo@optusnet.com.au

2011. Borneo-Philippines, February-March.
To have the privilege of sharing a tiny piece of Jennifer’s ever ongoing circumnavigation is an experience I will never regret to have made. Thanks to all aboard and especially the skipper who takes all the responsible away from us.
Walter Kolb, Stockholm, nordicmedia@nordicmedia.se

2010. Phuket Dec 2010-Jan 2011.
Det är mäktigt hur Jennifer kunnat härbärgera så många personer, genom alla stormiga vatten, genom alla åren. Till så många olika platser. Ja, 10 dagar var absolut för lite, och jag vet nu att jag trivs på en segelbåt. Så det måste bli fler seglingar för mig – och förhoppningsvis då på Jennifer.
Kram Jessica Fergusson, Stockholm

2010. Maldiverna-Chagos-Maldiverna, oktober-november.
Ett seglingsäventyr med skratt och tårar, något att minnas kommande vårar. Lars en toppen kapten att mot sig luta, återvänder gärna till denna skuta.
Tack för allt. Anki Eklund, Västerås, Sweden annce00@gmail.com  

2010. Goa, Indien – Sri Lanka, oktober-november.
Aldrig mer segla vill – på hav så stökigt och vitt – i kojen gick ej att ligga still – jag for som en flipper bort till titt. Men dagen grydde och solen började värma – vind i gennakern vars färger förgylla – jag åter mig seglingens tjusning närma och sinnet mitt med lätthet då fyllas. På havet det blå och vida, vi är så små, så små, ofta av sjösjuka jag lida men av vind och saltstänk jag bättre må. 1 000 tack för härliga veckor ombord.
Pia, Sweden piagyll@hotmail.com

2010. Egypt-Cochin, India Sept-Oct.
Well my friend. It has been quite a trip! The Moslem countries we visited were, let’s say, quite the experience I shall not forget. Hope to sail you again in the future.
Ricker, USA rockytmason@yahoo.com  

2010. The Med - summer 2010.
We are very sorry to leave Jennifer again, her skipper and all current crew, and go back to reality. We wish we could stay forever, living in our bathing suits and enjoying the superior cuisine. Hope to see you all again.
Love Kristi & Victor, USA wolfk4376@gmail.com   victorbrenner@ymail.com


2009. Istanbul-Samos Aug 2009.

We were so thrilled to sleep last night on deck under the shooting stars, but I was very sad this morning, our last on Jennifer. This has been a truly idyllic cruise, complete with crystal clear waters of turquoise and ultramarine blue, gentle south breezes, climbing  castles. Although the harborside restaurants and extended nightlife of our Turkish and Greek haborus was very lively, we were never tempted to dine elsewhere when Grete and Fred were cooking. We appreciated Lars' patient lessons in the art of sailing and maintaining Jennifer. We have noticed that everyone else onboard are returning guests, and wished on last nights' shooting stars, to return as soon as possible.
Kristine Wolf and Victor Brennes vicorbrenner@ymailcom


Sept 2009 The Med.

Dear Lars. I'm so happy that you let us sail with you on your magnificent boat. This is my third time on board but I surely hope it's not my last. Sailing alters your mind in a positive way and it’s addictive.
Andrea Löfgren andrea.04@telia.com


2008. Crete-Libya June 2008.

Two weeks of zig-zagging the Mediterranean before finally alowed to enter Libya. Sea-sick for the first time in my life, cabin partner snoring at night...Still, a fantastic holiday and I am looking forward to be back next summer. Hella Hultin  hella.hultin@surgsci.uu.se


2008. Athen-Crete-Libya-Tunisia May-June 2008.

What is my thought...Oh yes, Jennifer is my boat. On the Seven Seas, we sail with a breeze. With Lars singing the Captains song absolutly nothing can go wrong. We head North, wind take us South, the current want us East but at last we sail West. The adventure is the best. Im sh'Allah - the future hold the rest.
Tack Lars. Ulrica Jakobsson  u-jakobsson@telia.com


2008. Athens- Crete-Libya-Tunisia-Malta-Sicily-Lefkas/Greece. Summer 2008.

In the depths of winter Lars thoughtfully sits, planing the next adventure, not to be missed, always safe, low-key and fun, Lars takes us into the sun. The good memories I have will never fade, including/especially friendships made, so I will be back...thanks.
Margy (from Sidney, Australia)  margyparkes@gmail.com


2007. Marmaris-Cypres-Israel-Suez Canal-Egypt/Sharm-El-Sheik summer 2007.

It was a nice trip. I have vistied four countries and many interesting places; Dead Sea, Masada, Jerusalem, Pyramides, Suez Canal etc. I have met many interesting people. And of course, I have recieved great experience of sailing. Night watch during a gale under moonlight - it's unforgotten. Dead run with the wind of 35 knots - it's cool! Now I feel myself lite a real seawolf. Thank you Lars. 
PS. I am sailing to be free.
Evgeny Romanov, Russia   romanov@neurosoft.ru

2007. Sudan-Egypt summer 2007.

To sail in the desert, the novel experience of this trip. Thank you again Lars for another fantastic adventure onboard your great boat S/Y Jennifer.
Watch Captain Ulrica Jakobsson u-jakobsson@telia.com


2007. Cypres-Israel-Suez Canal-Jordan-Sudan-Egypt. May-July 2007.

So many experiences packed into two months. Thanks!
Margy    margyparkes@gmailcom


2007. Impressions fo Hurhgada-Suez-Simailya-Rosetta and Alexandria, July 2007.

Thank you Lars, for an exiting trip through exotic Egypt, for your patience and for beeing an outstanding skipper - especially in Alexandria! Hope to be onboard the beautiful jennifer again.
Gabriella Sahlin, Stockholm Gabriella.Sahlin@nautiskaforlaget.se


2007. Hurghada-Suez Canal-Rosetta-Alexandria & across the Med to Turkey. July.

A great two weeks on Jennifer with so many memories to remember. Sailed through Suez Canal side by side with the large commercial vessels, met the "ghosts" of the wreck Thistlegorm while diving in the depths of the Red Sea, the sunrise from the mountains of Sinai. At dawn we heard all the voices from the mosques of Alexandria, smiling faces everywhere. We crossed the Mediterranean, there it was no-where and now-here, time slipped away. Waited for the Green Flash, it was hiding behind the dust. Thank you Lars, for this great trip and cheers to all the great people I met on Jennifer this summer.
Cem, Istanbul. cem akkan cem.akkan@yahoo.de


2007. Hurghada-Suez-Alexandria-Turkey. July-August 2007.

Thank you Lars and Jennifer for a fantastic 31 days. The memories will remain for ever - dolphins swiming in the Red Sea, the "ghost" giant container ships to be spotted on night watch when sailing to Suez. The heavy sea and boiling surf as we tried to find the entrance to the Nile and Rosetta, the fleet of Egyptian fishing vessels trawling all around us on night watch. The passage from Egypt to Turkey - my longest passage 340 nautical miles - fantastic and all the beautiful bays we vistited in Turkey. I am also extremely proud of my promotion to chief log watcher and septic tank instructor. Thanks again Lars, it has been great and so has the crew I feel that I have made som new friends and we all sail together again on Jennifer in the future.
Malcolm Sanford  m.sanford@talk21.com



Athens, Greece - Istanbul, Turkey summer 2006
S/Y Jennifer holds a special place in my hart. I will miss the grumble of the engine starting up for an early sail, the cordinated rythm of the boat gently rocking back & forth, the crisp refreshing burst when we first swam in the clear waters of the Agean Sea. It will be odd not to awake to the usual swedish chit-chat in the galley or the sound of Marie running a southing tune while preparing for "coffe time"! I must say the early morning sails were my favorite. It felt like it was the Jennifer against the whole ocean and we were setting on top and discover it. It also left time for more sailing instructions in "swinglish", which provided for much entertainment on my end. Thank you so much for this experience - it was truly a blessing and so much more than I could have ever asked for. It was a pleasure to be in the company of you two. I was always trying to soak up & ask as much as possible. I admire the way you live your life and that you have brought a dream to life.
Thank you. Michelle Scott, Ga, USA michelles@foundationscorp.com 



Trabzon in Turkey-Georgia-Ukraine-Rumania-Bulgaria to Marmaris in Turkey 7 weeks summer 2006.
Happy are those who dream dreams but to take time to make them come true.We are still doing it mate! That was good to be sailing and spending time with you again.
Thanks heaps old buddy. Rick Berilla                , Colorado, USA rockytmason@yahoo.com



I joined S/Y Jennifer in January 1997 and sailed for five months as ‘paying crew' across the Atlantic to South America and onwards through many of the Caribbean islands. - a great yacht and captain! I had never sailed before and it was the most wonderful and exciting experience. Would love to do it again!!!!
Sue Giessen




What can I say? Jennifer looked so beautiful, elegant, luxurious + innocent, safely moored outside Peponis at Lamu (in Kenya) 1997! Little did we know that we would soon be suffering the wrath of Thor and Oden on the high seas in the Mozambique Channel - the 60 knots hurricane was really just the icing on the cake! Loved seeing the whales and dolphins, however, and that first ice cream in Durban was worth waiting for! Truly don't know how you "yachties" keep it up - but you have all my admiration (sympathy) and I wish you the very best luck in the rest of your trip around the globe.
Thanks once again for all your kindness + hospitality - and patience with us landluving novice sailors. Take care & much love
Sarah, November 23, 1997



Wow, what a trip, what an experience, what a time. Just about three months at sea, 6 500 nautical miles, Cape Town-Trinidad, February-March 1997. Had a different expectation about the trip. Don't really know what I expected, cause I've never been on such a trip before. One of my biggest dreams was always to sail the Seven Seas on my own little boat. But I guess I'm still to energetic and too much a land person, for now. But if I look at the whole trip, it was exactly what I needed. It was excellent. Thank you very much Lars. I learned a lot about sailing, my bowline (a knot) is almost down to perfection. It was also quite interesting to live in such a confined space with 6-8 people. But Lars, I like to congratulate you to you circumnavigation (it's almost done), and hope you get your boat safe back to Stockholm next year. All in all - happy sailing and thanks a lot.
Wolfy Borutta                 wolfyborutta1@hotmail.com



We joined S/Y Jennifer in the Maldives 1996 and sailed south, across the equator, to the Chagos Archipelago and then west to the Seychelles. We have had five wonderful weeks with great sailing, beautiful weather and excellent food. We have explored uninhabitated islands, coral reefs and the vast Indian Ocean. We want to thank you for sharing your "home" with us. We especially want to thank you Lars for you efforts in teaching us "the seven wonders of antiquity".
Good luck on your future voyage.
Seychelles June 1996
Björn and Kajsa,



I joined the Jennifer in Durban 1996. I will call my room a cabin, my toilett a head, my kitchen a galley, my dining room a saloon, there is so much you tought me! If you are going around the world again, please contact me in Durban to join you. You people are good advisers for anyone, may god bless you on your way to Stockholm and do not forget you have friends in South Africa.
Cape Town 1997
Chris Brits, South Africa



Dearest Jennifer!
My dearest thanks for sharing with me your beautiful Jennifer-home on your Atlantic crossing 1997 from Cape Town to Brazil. An interesting introduction for me to this new world and perspective on travles. I wish to you many more winds filled with wonder and discovery. Good luck and Bon Voyage
Martin Lenny, Cape Town



To Jennifer - Thank you for your strength, grace, beauty, support and comfort.
To Lars - Thank you for following your dreams and sharing your Jennifer with me and with people the world over. You show how one person can effect the planet. I have enjoyed our conversations. Thank you for beeing such a competent captain.
Judy McElroy, Hawaii, sailing on the Jennifer along the coast of South America 1997.