Sail as paying crew/share expences on S/Y Jennifer - a 50' Beneteau Oceanis 500


S/Y Jennifer cruising in good winds. Note the popular deckcusions.

Sailingplan summer and fall 2023

Month  DatePlace/harbor N MilesCrewchange
Sat May 202320Layday Estepona0Crewchange
 21Sail to Malaga, Spain45 
Monday May 202322Layday Malaga0 
 23Sail to Alemeria, Spain100 
 24Layday Alemeria0 
 25Sail to Cartagena95 
 26Layday Cartagena0Crewchange
 27Sail to Alicante60 
 28Layday Alicante0 
Monday May 202329Sail to Calpe30 
 30Sail to Formentera62 
 31Layday Formentera0 
June 20231Sail to ibizza12 
 2Sail to North Ibizza10 
 3Sail to Mallorca Cala Portals52 
 4Sail to Palma8 
Monday June 20235Layday Palma0Crewchange
 6Sail to Cabrera28 
 7Sail to Cala Ratjada50 
 8Sail to Ciutadella Mencorca25 
 9Cruise Menorca south coast17 
 10Cruise Menorca south coast17 
 11Arr Mahon Menorca0Crewchange
Monday June 202312Sail to Bonefacio, Corsica240 
 13Layday Bonefacio0 
 14Cruise Corsica west coast40 
 15Cruise Corsica to Girolata40 
 16Layday Girolata0 
 17Cruise to Calvi, Corsica30Crewchange
 18Sail to North Corsica40 
Monday June 202319Sail to  Elba, Italy45 
 20Layday Elba0 
 21Sail to Rome with one stop50 
 22Arr Rome50 
Midsummer23Layday Rome              0Crewchange
Midsummer24Sail to  Ponza143 
Midsummer25Layday Ponza0 
Monday June 202326Sail to Ventotene22 
 27Sail to Ischia25 
 28Sail to Capri16 
 29Layday Capri0Crewchange
 30Sail to Stromboli115 
July 20231Layday Stromboli0 
 2Sail to Lipari25 
Monday July  20233Layday Lipari0 
 4Sail to Messina 40 
 5Sail to Taormina25 
 6Sail to Ionian Sea Greece250 
 7Sail to Ionian Sea Greece0 
 8Sail to  Greece west coaat0 
 9Arr  Corfu0 
Monday July 202310Layday Corfu0Crewchange
 11Cruise Ionian Sea to Zakynthos150 
 12Cruise Ionian Sea to Zakynthos  
 13Cruise Ionian Sea to Zakynthos  
 14Cruise Ionian Sea to Zakynthos  
 15Cruise Ionian Sea to Zakynthos  
 16Cruise Ionian Sea to Zakynthos  
Monday July 202317Cruise Ionian Sea to Zakynthos0 
 18Cruise Ionian Sea to Corfu150Crewchange
 19Cruise Ionian Sea to Corfu0 
 20Cruise Ionian Sea to Corfu0 
 21Cruise Ionian Sea to Corfu0 
 22Cruise Ionian Sea to Corfu0 
 23Cruise Ionian Sea to Corfu0 
Monday July 202324Cruise Ionian Sea to Corfu0 
 25Layday Corfu0Crewchange
 26Sail to Montenegro175 
 27Arr Montenegro0 
 28Layday Montenegro0 
 29Sail Dubrovnik35 
 30Layday Dubrovnik0Crewchange
Monday July 202331Sail to Korcula0 
aug-231Sail to Hvar45 
 2Layday Hvar35 
 3Layday Hvar0 
 4Sail to Split20 
 5Layday Split0Crewchange
 6Sail to Primosten30 
Monday Aug 20237Sail to Kornati Nat Park45 
 8Layday Kornati0 
 9Layday Kornati0 
 10Sail to Pula125 
 11Sail to Pula0 
 12Arr Pula0Crewchange
 13Sail to Trieste60 
Monday Aug 202314Sail to Trieste0 
 15Layday Trieste0 
 16Sail to Venice60 
 17Layday Venice0Crewchange
 18Sail to Rovinj55 
 19Sail south to Kornati Nat Park45 
 20Sail to Kornati Nat Park45 
Monday Aug 202321Layday Kornati0 
 22Layday Kronati0 
 23Layday Kornati0 
 24Sail to Primosten45 
 25Sail to Split30 
 26Layday Split0Crewchange
 27Sail to Hvar20 
Monday Aug 202328Layday Hvar0 
 29Sail to Korcula35 
 30Sail to Dubrovnik Croatia45 
 31Layday Dubrovnic0Crewchange
sep-231Sail to Montenegro38 
 2Sail to Corfu175 
 3Arr Corfu0 
Monday Sept 20234Layday Corfu0Crewchange
 5Sail to Sicily275 
 6Sail to Sicily0 
 7Arr Sicily0Crewchange
 8Sail to Pantelleria150 
 9Arr Pantelleria0 
 10Sail to Bizerte, Tunisia110 
Monday Sept 202311Arr Bizerte0 
 12Sail to Mahon, Menorca300 
 13Sail to Mahon, Menorca0 
 14Layday Menorca0Crewchange
 15Layday south Menorca25 
 16Sail to Palma85 
 17Layday Palma0 
Monday Sept 202318Layday Palma0Crewchange
 19Sail to Ibizza75 
 20Layday Ibizza o Formentera0 
 21Sail to Calpe62 
 22Sail to Estepona with many stops325Crewchange
Monday Sept 202325Alicante0 
 29Arr Estepona0Crewchange
 30Winter rest for Jennifer0 
Oct 20231Totala Sjömil 20230 

Date Place/harbor  N M Crewchange

Stockholm sailcenter Sandhamn in Stockholm archipelago


17 Cruising Caribbean, Cuba & Bahamas

2016 Sailing Sweden-Caribbean

2015 Round Nordic countries

2014 Sweden - sailing along its coasts

2011 Pacific Ocean   and 2012 and 2013

2010 The Med, Red Sea & Indian Ocean

2009 Danube/Black Sea/The Med

2008 Mediterranean Sea

2007 Red Sea/Mediterranean Sea

2006 Black Sea/Mediterranean Sea

2005 European canals/Croatia

2002 European canals/Mediterranean Sea   

2001 European canals / Mediterranean Sea

1988-1998. 10 Years Around The World

2015 Nordic sailing

Summer of 2015 Jennifer will, on May 22, sail from Stockholm to Tallin in Estonia and on to St Petersburg in Russia, arriving there May 27. After about 4 days in St Petersburg we will June 2 continue north on the Russian canals to the White Sea during about 20 days, visiting old monasteries and forts. Once in the White Sea we will continue to the city of Archangels. On the Russian part we will be seven other boats, all members of The Swedish Cruising Club, SXK. From Russia on to to Kirkenes and Nordkap in Norway, on to Spetsbergen/Svalbard, cruise there about 10 days, and then back to Lofoten in Norway end of July. During August and beginning September we will cruise the Norweigan coast with its fjords to among other places Trondheim, Ålösund, Bergen and Stavanger. From here on to Skagen in Denmark and then back to Stockholm September 17. We then have sailed around allt the 4 Nordic nations. If interested mail me:  


2014 Sailing in Sweden

Summer of 2014 Jennifer will, May 24, sail from Stockholm to the northern province of Norrland, and across the arctic circle. We will visit both cities and archipelagos such as, Gävle, Härnösand, the High Coast, Umeå and Luleå. We will be back in Stockholm for midsummer, June 19. After Midsummer, June 23, we will cruise the Stockholm archipelago for almost 3 week till July 14. On July 19 we will, via the Baltic island of Gotland, sail to the Swedish West coast, to Marstrand, arriving there July 26 with a few stops along the way. From July 27 we will cruise the Swedish West coast and southern Norway until end of August when we will sail back to Stockholm, arriving there September 7, 2014. If you are interested mail : 


The map below is about the 3 year circumnavigation 2010-2013.  

Stilla havskarta 2012

Map of Jennifer's sailing routes during the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.


2011 Pacific Ocean & 2012 & 2013



2012 - Micronesia, Philippines, Indonesia and Indian Ocean

Jan 2012: Hawaii to Kiribati

Feb 2012: Kiribati to Marshall Islands

March 2012: Micronesia – Phonapei & Truk Lagoon

Apri 2012l: Micronesia - Pulawat & Guam & Yap

May 2012: Palau

June 2012: Philippines

July 2012: Borneo & Indonesia

Aug 2012: Bali & Christmas Island & Cocos Keeling

Sept 2012:  Chagos & Rodriquez

Oct 2012: Mauritius & Reunion & Madagascar

Nov 2012: South Africa - Durban & Port Elisabeth & Cape Town

Dec 2012: Across S Atlantic & St Helena


2013 - Brazil, Caribbean, US East Coast, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Faro Islands to Stockholm

Jan 2013: Brazil - Recife & Natal & Fortaleza & Belem

Feb 2013: French Guyana & Surinam & Trinidad

March 2013: Caribbean – St Lucia & Martinique & Antigua

April 2013: Caribbean – Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico & Bahamas

May 2013: US East Coast - Intercoastal Waterway: Savannah & Charleston

June 2013: US East Coast - Chesapeake Bay & Washington & Annapolis

July 2013: US East Coast - N Y & Boston & Maine & Nova Scotia

Aug 2013:  Greenland and Iceland

Sept 2013: Faro Islands, Scotland, Denmark & Stockholm.

Detailed plan for 2012 an 2013




2010 The Med, Red Sea & Indian Ocean

Time schedule 2010: The Med, Red Sea and Indian Ocean

June 2010: The Med (Tukey, Cypres, Lebanon and Israel)

July 2010: Red Sea (Egypt, Sudan, Erirea and Yemen)

August 2010: Gulf of Aden (Yemen, Oman and Dubai)

September 2010: India (Mumbai/Bombay, Goa and Cochin)

October 2010: The Maldives and Chagos atoll

November 2010: Sri Lanka and sail to Phuket, Thailand

December 2010: Phuket, Krabi and Burma





Yacht Jennifer will start sailing May 30 from Marmaris, Turkey. We will cruise the Turkish south coast during 12 days and June 12 sail from Alanya to Kyrenia in north Cypres (the Turkish part). After Cypres we sail June 17 to Beirut, Lebanona where we will stay a few days. From there June 24 to Haifa and Tel Aviv in Israel where we will stay one week all in all with excursions to Jerusalem, the Deas Sea and other places. June 30 we sail to Port Suez and the Suez Canal. 

Distance between Marmaris, Turkey and Fineke, Turkey is about ca 100 NM.

Distance between Fineke and Antalya is abt 50 NM.

Distance between Antalya and Alanya is abt 75 NM.

Distance between Antalya, Turkey and Kyrenia, Cypres is abt 100 NM.

Distance between Kyrenia and Beirut, Lebanon is abt 175 NM.

Distance between Beirut and Haifa, Israel is abt 65 NM.

Distance between Haifa and Tel Aviv, both in Israel is abt 50 NM.

Distance between Tel Aviv and Port Said, Egypt is abt 150 NM.

We will sail approx 765 NM in the Med.

During six days we will be in the Suez Canal, which is abt 75 NM long. The crossing takes 2 full days, 1 day to Ismailya and 1 day to Port Suez. We will stop in Ismailya in the middle othe Canal at its very nice yacht club and visit Cairo and the Pyramids.  On July 7 we will sail nonstop from Port Suez to Hurgada Marina in Egypt, a distance of abt 200 NM. 

Suez Canal

We will spend about one month in the Red Sea; in Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea and Yemen.

There will be lot's of diving/snorkeling and opportunities for excursions at land; From Hurghada to Luxor and Aswan/Abu Simbel, and from Massawa to Asmara and Keren. We will stop in Hurghada, Port Safaga, Port Ghalib/Marsa Alam, Suakin/Port Sudan, Massawa and Hodeidah and many marsas/bays and anchorges.

Please realize that it can be very hot in the Red Sea during summer. Temperature can reach 45 degrees (or even 50) Centigrade and normal temp is between 30-40 C. Water temp is about 28-30 C. Jennifer has no air con but fans in all cabins and big suntents covering the whole boat. When we sail or motorsail the wind will cool us though. Just so you are aware of the temperature.

Distance between Port Suez and Hurgada, Egypten is abt 200 NM (abt 2 days sail).

Distance between Hurghada and Safaga is abt 90 NM.

Distance between Safaga and Port Ghalib/Marsa Alam, both in Egypt, is abt 90 NM.

Distance between Port Ghalib, Egypt, to Suakin, south of Port Sudan, Sudan, is abt 425 NM (will ancor along the way)

Distance between Suakin, Sudan, to Massawa, Etiopia, is abt 250 NM (we will ancor along the way).

Distance between Massawa, Etiopia and Hodeidah, Yemen is abt 220 NM (we will ancor along the way).

Distance between Hodeidah, Yemen to Aden, Yemen is abt 250 NM (abt 2 days sail).

This means that the distance in Red Sea from Port Suez to Aden is abt 1 300 NM. 

Röda Havet ny

After Aden we will during August sail - in convoy or under protection from the many war vessels - along Yemeni coast to Oman and Dubai in the Persian Bay. From here in September to India.

If circumstances allow, we will stay in the ports mentioned below. However, if convoys or warships decide otherwise we will follow their instructions.

Distance between Aden and Mukalla is abt 300 NM (abt 2 days sail).

Distance between Mukalla and Salalah, Oman, is abt 300 NM (abt 2-3 days sail).

Distance between Salalah and Muscat, both in Oman, is abt 650 NM (abt 5 days sail).

Distance between Muscat, Oman and Dubai is abt 300 NM (abt 2 days sail).

The total distance between Aden and Dubai is thus abt 1 300 NM.

During August the South West monsoon is still blowing rather strong, galeforce winds might occur. But the wind is from behind, normaly a reach. This fact, i e the strong wind, is a good thing from a possible pirate attack point of view. Pirate activity goes down considerably during the strong South West monsoon.  I am in contact with the Swedish navy as well as the USA 5th fleet in the area. The Swedish navy will operate in the Gulf of Aden-area from April to August 2010 (possible longer). We might have armed escort onboard for the Yemeni stretch.

I have also put out a notice on regarding forming a convoy in the Gulf of Aden in August. In Djibouti the French navy has its HQ and in the area warships from the EU, USA, Russia, India and China operates. After Oman there is very little risk of piracy. I will be in constant contact with the various navies and the Yemen Coast Guard. Jennifer has a new up-to date Inmarsat Broadband Satellite Communcation System onboard as well as a new Broadband Digital Radar and an AIS (Automatic Identification System). However, there are is always a small risk of piracy .

From Dubai we sail on to India with the South West monsoon. In India we will stop at Mumbai/Bombay, Goa and Cochin and stop for seight-seeing a few days in each port.

Distance between Dubai to Mumbai/Bombay, India is abt 1 200 NM and will take abt 10 days.

Distance between Mumbai and Goa is 220 NM.

Distance between Goa and Cochin is 360 NM. 

In October we will sail from Cochin, India to Male in the Maldives a distance of 380 NM and takes abt 3 days..

In the Maldives we will during October and early November cruise/dive/snorkel the atolls and also sail south to the uninhabited Salomon atoll in Chagos archipelago which belong to the UK  and back to Male.

From Male again we sail on to Galle in Sri Lanka, abt 450 NM where we will stay a few days and check out the beautiful teaplatations and then end November sail directly to Phuket in Thailand. November month is transition month, i e between the South West and North East monsoon. Hopefully we will get the wind from behind.

Indien Sri Lanka 

Distance between Galle and Phuket, Thailand is abt 1 000 NM and takes abt a week.

During December 2010 and half January 2011 we will cruise the beautiful Phuket and Krabi archipelago and the Thai Westcoast and possibly to Burma. Now the pleasant North East monsoon will blow.

Mid/end of January 2011 we will sail on to Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, Philippines, China, Japan, Alaska, Canada, California and Hawaii for Christmas. More info about 2011 later.





Summer 2009 Danube/Black Sea/The Med

Map summer 2009

Detail over 2009 summer itinerary above and enlargemnet over river Danube below

During summer of 2009 we "sailed" on the European canals and rivers Rhone, Rhine and Danube, from Port St Louis near Marseille, to the Black Sea and from there to Istanbul and on to the Med and Marmaris in Turkey.

May 23 we started from Port Napoleoan (near Marseille) and during about 3 weeks, "sailed" up the river Rhone in France passed Avignon and Chalon, into the Rhone-Rhine Canal to the river Rhine in Germany and via Mulhouse downriver to Strassbourg and on to Mainz. Here we turned right into the Main, Main-Danobe Canal and entered the Danobe River. We continued another 5 weeks on the Danobe, through Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Belgrad (Serbia) and Giurgiu close to Bukarest (Rumania). From here we continued on to Suline (Rumania) in the Danobe Delta and into the Black Sea. Near Constanta (Rumania) we stepped the mast which had been transported by truck from Port St Louis in France. In the Black Sea we sailed via the Bosporus to Istanbul and the Dardanelles to Canakkale/Troy into the Aegean Sea in the Mediterranean and through the Greeks islands, among others Lesbos, Khios, Samos, Leros, Kos, Simi and Rhodos to Marmaris, Turkey. From here we cruised the Turkish south coast and ended up in Marmaris in Turkey Sept 16.  
Jennifer will then rest in Marmaris during the winter 2009/10 in order to get ready for the Pacific tour 2010-2015 via the Red Sea, India, Thailand, China, Japan, Alaska, Canada, California, Hawaii and the South Seas. 

Welcome onboard! 

Map of Jennifers itinerary in the Agean Sea summer 2009 which ends in Marmaris.




Summer 2008 Mediterranean Sea


Y Jennfier sailed in the Med summer 2008 

Part 1: During May 25 to July 12 we sailed during 7 weeks from Athens to Crete, Libya, Tunisia, Malta, Sicily and Ionian Sea on the Greek West coast. We were one of the first yachts in many many years to visit Libya.










Summer 2007 Red Sea/Mediterranean Sea

S/y Jennifer sailed during spring/summer/fall 2007 with "paying crew" in the Med and Red Sea.
Jennifer started May 15, 2007, from Marmaris in Turkey, and via Cypres and Israel, sailed to the Suez canal and into the Red Sea. Here we dived and explored/visited the nations around the Red Sea; Egypt (the Pyramids & Alexandria), Sinai peninsula (St Cathrine monestry & Sinai mountain), Jordan (Aqaba & Petra) as well as Israel (Jerusalem, Dead Sea & Masada). At the end of July we sailed back across the Med to Turkey and cruised the turkish coast during August och the Aegan Sea through the Greek Islands during September. Jennifer is now resting in Athens for the winter.




Summer 2006 Black Sea/Mediterranean Sea

S/y Jennifer sailed spring/summer 2006 with paying crew in the Mediterranean; From Croatia to Albania, Greece and via Istanbul into and around the the whole Black Sea and on to Marmaris in Turkey where she rested during winter 2006/07.


On May 20 Jennifer started from Croatia (Split) to Athens. First stop was the small town of Hvar on the island with the same name. From here on to Korcula where Marco Polo was born and further to the historical town of Dubrovnik with its imposing medevial walls. We lsailed from Croatia and sailed to Durres in Albania from where we made an excursion to the capital Tirana. Soon we entered Greece and its first island of Curfu and continued to Itakha, home of Odysseus. The sail continued into the Patras Bay towards the Corinth Canal. On the way we visited Galaxhidi.  The Corinth Canal is only three nautical miles and then we were in the Aegean Sea and steered towards Athens where we arrived June 1.  We stopped here for 4 days for rest and seight-seeing. From Athens we sailed to Istanbul via the islands of Kea and Andros and futher north to the monestary republic of Athos and from there to Canakkale in Turkey. Here we visited the old city of Troj and the war memories from the disastrous allied invasion of the Gallipoli peninsula during WWI.

Next we sailed into the sea of Marmaris and stoped in Erdek peninsula before arriving at the Ataköy Marina in Istanbul and stayed a few days over midsummer. From here we continued into the Bosphorus to Poyraz and the next day into the Black Sea where we sailed anticlockwise during a month and a half. The route folloed the Turkish north coast with many stops. In Amasra we visited the capital of Turkey, Ankara. The Sail continued east to the city of Samsun and from there we continued further to Trabson where we visited the exiting Sumela monestary build into the cliffs. Next we cleared out from Turkey in the city of Hopa and sailed to Georgia and cleared in at Poti. It is from here the legend of the Golden Fleece originates. We make an excursion to the capital of Tbilisi and the Caucasus Mountains.

From Poti we sailed directly to Crimea, to Yalta a three day sail. It was here Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met in 1945 and split up Europe. Here are many exiting palaces and monuments. We sailed around Crimea a few days, to Balaclava on the south coast and continued to Sevastopol known as the homeport of the once mighty Soviet Black Sea Fleet. After we sailed on to Odessa, Pushkins exile town, and with the famous Potemkin steps and operahouse. We stayed here for two days and continued south to the Donau delta and sailed up the Donau towards Izmayil where we cleared out from Ukraine and then crossed the river to Tulcea and cleared in to Rumania. From here we will sailed down the Donau to Sulina at the coast.

We continued south to Mangalia in Rumania where we cleared out from Rumania and sailed to Golden Sands north of Varna in Bulgaria. From here further south and cleared into Turkey again in Igneada and back to Istanbul. From here we sailed during 12 days throught the Aegean Sea to Marmaris on the Turkish south coast. This trip went via the Island of Marmara, known for its white marble, Canakkale, where we again visited the ancient city of Troy and then to Kusadasi in Turkey where we visited one of the seven wonders of the world, Artemis (Diana's) temple in Efesus. Next we visited another of the seven wonders in Bodrum (Halikarnassos), the Mausollos mausoleum  From here we finally continued to Knidos and Marmaris in Turkey  where Jennifer rested during winter 2006/07 untill spring 2007 when we sailed to the Red Sea through the Suez Canal.




Summer 2005 European canals to the Med and Croatia

Jennifer sailed during summer of 2005 through the European canals/rivers to the Med with paying crew.

We started in Sweden end of May 2005 and sailed via the Kiel canal to Amsterdam where we took down the mast, and sent it by truck to the Med.The jouney went via the Dutch and Belgian canals into France, up the Seine and into the mighty Paris with all its famous bridges and the Eiffel tower.

In Paris we moored in the central Arsenal marina at Place de la Bastille. We continued via the four central canals, a. o. the Loire canal, and the rivers Saone and Rhone with stop in a.o. Chalon, Lyon and Avignon to Port St Louis at the mouth of Rhone river. The trip took six weeks from Sweden, five of those on the French canals and rivers.

Jennifer sailed in the summer of 2005, after having gone through the French canals, out in the Med with paying crew to Croatia.

From Port. St Louis close to Marseille we sailed to Corsica, Sardinia, the Liparian islands, Sicily and round Italy to Croatia where we arrived July 31.
During August and September we cruised around the beautiful Croatian archipelago between Venice and Dubrovnic. Jennifer rests during winter 2005/06 in Split in Croatia.
In May 2006 Jennifer will continue with paying crew to Greece, Istanbul and into and around the Black Sea, se special link on main page.





Summer 2002 around the Mediterranean and through the canals to Sweden


Sept 2002: We sailed on the rivers and canals of France and Germany from Port St Louis in the south of France to the Baltic town of Lubeck. The trip started in Port St Louis, continued up the Rhone river to Avignon and Lyon, to Basel, Switzerland, and downstream on the Rhein. On the Rhein we passed the famous Lorelai cliff, the cities of Koblenz and Cologne, the Rhurarea and on canals to Lubeck and Travemunde in northern Germany.


Kanaler Provance Kanalkoblenz Kanal




Summer 2001 through the European canals and around Mediterranean Sea


Yacht Jennifer sailed the Mediterranean during summer 2001-02 with paying crew.

Jennifer sailed from Mallorca - Malta (Valetta) - Crete (Iraklion/Knossos) - Rhodos - Turkey (Marmaris/Mersin/Cappodicia) - Cyprus (Kyrenia) - Syria (Latakia) - Lebanon (Beirut/Baalbek) - Cyprus (Larnaka/Limassol) - Rhodos - Cyclades (Greece) - Korinthcanal - Sicily - Sardinia (Costa Smeralda) - Corsica (Bonefacio) - Port St Louis (France) and then on the Europan canals to Stockholm (see separaate link).





Year 1988-1998. 10 years Around The World.

During ten years Jennifer sailed around the world with charter guests and paying crew.

See more under books: Occupation Circumnavigator. How to Finance a Lifestyle..