Around the world. 10 years with S/Y Jennifer

The circumnavigation with S/Y Jennifer 1988-98:
During 10 years Lars sailed around-the-world with paying crew; Carribbean, the South Sea, Indian Ocean, Southatlantic and the Amazon.
Lifestyle, economi, to dare to break up, and many great photos from the circumnavigation.











European canals & rivers

KanalThrough the European canals 2001, 2002 and 2005:
From Jennifer's canal/river travels with paying crew on the Rhone, Rhine, Seine, Mosel and Saone. In 2001 via Polen, Berlin, Cologne, France to the Med and back in 2002, and in 2005 via Amsterdam, Paris and the valley of Loire, Lyon and Avignon to the Med.












Around the Mediterranean Sea

JenniferCruising in the Med 2001, 2002 and 2005:
From Jennifer's 2001cruising in the western Med with paying crew, a o the Bay of Neapel with the island of Capri, to Mallorca and in 2002 in the eastern Med to Malta, Syria, Libanon, Tunisia, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey and in 2005 around Italy to and in Croatia.














Around the Black Sea

Istanbul moské













Around the Red Sea

Röda havet













Documentary about Göran Schildt

Göran Documentary of the swedish cruiser/author Göran Schildt:
A one hour film/lecture by Lars Hässler with Hans Villius as speaker with filmed interjues with Göran Schildt 2003.



















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